Habitat 500

Tim’s is pedaling the Habitat 500 again this year for SLV Habitat!!
Yes, I would like to donate to Tim’s Habitat 500
“The Habitat 500 is a great adventure for me and a way to give back to those in need.” This year, Tim Dellett celebrates his 15th anniversary going on adventures through the Habitat 500. “I had been involved with Habitat during college on a building trip during Spring Break in Johns Island, SC. I did my first Habitat 500 because it seemed like a good way to get connected with Habitat’s mission in an adventurous way.” Now, after 15 years, Tim is “grateful to be able to join again this year.” Tim & his family moved from Colorado to Kansas and had their second child last year. “I’m glad that with all this change, I’ll still be able to keep my Habitat 500 tradition.”

The other riders on the Habitat 500 also bring Tim back each year. “It’s an event I look forward to, seeing those that I’ve met over the years and reconnecting with them,” says Tim. “From my first ride in 1996, one of my favorite memories was riding with three or four other riders who were willing to stop a lot and have mini adventures along the way. Our group became known as Team Tourist. One such adventure involved rescuing an injured cat that became known as the “HabiCat.” The other riders provide more than just fun for Tim, “Every day there will be tough moments and many more pleasant surprises. You will find yourself surrounded by a supportive loving community…and are guaranteed to meet friends along the ride.”

The best part of the Habitat 500, according to Tim, is “knowing that wherever I am on the route I’m not far from someone who is going to offer support and encouragement. I do all the pedaling myself, but I truly feel part of a larger team that is all working hard for the betterment of the world, really. And we’re all out there having fun and helping each other along the way.” Tim Dellett helps make up this supportive rider base that, combined with community and volunteer involvement, will keep the Habitat 500 an adventure making a difference for years to come.

Habitat 500 2018

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